They have extensive contacts within the security industry and created this directory to enable construction project managers to focus on
their areas of expertise whilst we give them cost-effective security solutions.
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Construction Site Security Solutions
About Us
John and Richard are two highly-experienced security professionals with many
years of working in a range of security situations - from school and college
premises, retail, construction site and office environments through to high
security nuclear and Defence contractor premises.
Construction site static security guards
CCTV installation and maintenance
Wireless portable GSM intruder alarm systems for hire
Mobile Security Patrols
Wireless portable GPRS remote intruder camera identification system
Covert surveillance
Keyholder and Alarm Response Services
Concrete Block Hire
Added value......

In addition to supporting this directory, we also offer
confidential security reviews of premises and systems,
including 'compliance with standards' visits, at affordable

We produce confidential risk assessments and threat
assessments with recommendations and options for
mitigation of those risks.
BUT…………….. if all you want is a quote for your
immediate needs, then simply fill out the form on the
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